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Photos: 通町筋バス停の風景。

Photos: 熊本市役所花畑町別館前を走る九州産交バスと熊本バス。 Photos: 森の中を走る青いバス。

通町筋バス停の風景。鶴屋百貨店の真ん前に位置しています。現在熊本の路線バス網は熊本交通センターを中心に放射状に広がっています。この通町筋バス停は繁華街に最も近いということもあり、第2のターミナル的な存在です。市電との乗り換えもらくらく。ちょうどこの真後ろに熊本城天守閣が控えているので、市電とお城の写真を撮る人も多いです。Scenery of Torichosuji bus stop.It is located in the Tsuruya before it is the biggest department store in Kumamoto.Bus network of Kumamoto is spread radially around the main terminal.Form of the route network has also become not fit the trend of the times. There is a movement to reconsider this.This bus stop is closest from downtown. Exist, such as the terminal of the second.Transfer of the tram is also easy.Kumamoto Castle is built in this behind. Tourists are so many photos of the castle and tram.It's the scenery representing Kumamoto. #kumamoto #bus #HDR #snapseed #downtown #japan #fujifilm #photograph #travel #trip #landscape #kyushu DSCF5990_2_1

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