法隆寺壁画ルーツ蓮華手菩薩Padmapani holding a lotus flower

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Photos: 法隆寺壁画ルーツ蓮華手菩薩Padmapani holding a lotus flower

Photos: アジャンター第9窟ストゥーパ Simple Stupa,Ajanta cave

アジャンター第1窟壁画 蓮華手菩薩(Paintings of Padmapani)。



北宋の儒学者 周敦頤の「愛蓮説」抜粋
Cave No.1(500A.D.)is a typical vihara hall for prayer and living.
A masterpiece portrait,marvellous figure of the Boddhisattva Padmapani.
In her right hand she holds a blue lotus flower,which indicates the purity of her heart and character.The paintings are in "dry fresco", painted on top of a dry plaster surface rather than into wet plaster.
This picture has a close resemblance to paintings seen in Sigiriya ,Sri Lanka.
The two most famous individual painted images at Ajanta are the two over-life size figures of
the protective bodhisattvas Padmapani and Vajrapani on either side of the entrance to the
Buddha shrine on the wall of the rear aisle.
The paintings in cave 1 concentrate on those Jataka tales which show previous lives of the
Buddha as a king, rather than as an animal or human commoner, and so show settings from
contemporary palace life.

The caves include paintings and sculptures described as "the finest surviving examples of
Indian art, particularly painting",which are masterpieces of Buddhist religious art, with figures of the Buddha and depictions of the Jataka tales.

Within a few decades after rediscovery, the caves became famous for their exotic setting,
impressive architecture, and above all their exceptional, all but unique paintings. A number of
large projects to copy the paintings were made in the century after rediscovery.
Today,the caves are often crowded at holiday times, increasing the threat to the caves,
especially the paintings.

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